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[Brokers] ThreeFlow product updates
[Brokers] ThreeFlow product updates
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If you'd like to see what we're doing for the carrier experience, check out the carriers' product updates page.



  • Feature: control document access | June

    Add a tag to control document access when sending an RFP or renewal on ThreeFlow. Learn more.

  • Feature: documents page | June

    A centralized view of all documents associated with an employer client. Learn more.

  • Feature: NPC templates | June

    Skip ThreeFlow’s review and go to market immediately for no prior coverages with prepopulated default values that are editable. Learn more.

  • Feature: plan alts self-service | June

    Request plan alts without ThreeFlow’s review by adding and updating coverage details yourself. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: review coverages | June

    Review and edit current coverages before requesting a renewal or going to market. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: paid leave product type | May

    Place and manage paid leave coverages on ThreeFlow.

  • Feature: dual carrier products | May

    For dental and vision products, build in-force coverage for dual carriers on ThreeFlow. Learn more.


  • Feature in pilot: Ready renewals | January

    Automatically receive renewals from Guardian and Metlife,* eliminating the need to collect or schedule renewals for these carriers on ThreeFlow. Learn more.

  • Feature: close product | January

    Keep information up-to-date on ThreeFlow by closing products when they’re sold off platform or you’re no longer the broker of record. Learn more.

  • Feature: broker quote edits | January

    Edit quotes post-submission to reflect revisions, negotiations, and accurate plan design and rates on ThreeFlow. Learn more.



  • Enhancement: Skip email notifications | December

    When marking a coverage as sold, you have the flexibility to notify your carrier partners whether they've won or lost. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: current coverage tracker | December
    Use the pending mark sold filter to identify coverages that are ready to be marked as sold. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: schedule renewals email reminder notification | December
    The schedule renewal email reminder indicates which renewals have no carrier contacts and require an action. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: deactivate broker user | November

    Keep your ThreeFlow broker account up-to-date by deactivating users when they leave your brokerage or are no longer working in ThreeFlow.

  • Enhancement: benefit call-outs | October

    Initiate and reply to benefit call-outs to easily collaborate with your carrier partners.


  • Feature: current coverage tracker | September
    With the current coverage tracker, conveniently monitor each coverage’s activity and status. Filter coverages by your clients, products, carriers, renewal dates, activity, or status. Learn more.

  • Feature: select finalists | September
    Influence quote accuracy by informing carriers when they've been selected as finalists for new business quotes.
    Learn more.

  • Feature: presentation assistant | August

    Embed information from ThreeFlow's export to your brokerage's template without formatting and data entry. Initial setup is required.

  • ThreeFlow Connect: new connected carrier | August

    As part of our integration with David Young, Symetra is a connected carrier.

  • Certified carriers | July - September
    The following carriers are now certified on ThreeFlow.

    • Manhattan Life

    • Western Skies

    • Ochs, Inc.

    • Accurisk

    • Wellfleet

    • SL Management Partners

  • Enhancement: schedule renewals | August
    Brokers can edit the renewal due date before the renewal request is sent to carriers. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: email notifications | August

    Brokers will receive timely and succinct email notifications from ThreeFlow.

  • Enhancement: homepage filters I July

    Brokers can easily filter their client lists by number of active events and locations. Learn more.

  • Feature: schedule renewals | July
    Brokers can automatically schedule renewals 130 days before the coverage effective date. Learn more.


  • Certified carriers | April - June
    The following carriers are now certified on ThreeFlow.

    • VBA

    • Swiss Re

  • ThreeFlow Connect: new connected carriers | June
    The following David Young systems are now integrated via ThreeFlow Connect.

    • QBE

    • Tokio Marine HCC

    • SL Management Partners (previously American Fidelity)

  • Feature: print-friendly export | May
    Brokers can export print-friendly client presentations with a consistent, standardized format. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: plan alternatives | May

    Brokers can request product alternatives after a marketing event has started and choose to skip ThreeFlow’s review to send it straight to carriers. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: permission sets | April

    With new and updated permission sets, broker leaders can control what features and workflows their users can access on ThreeFlow. Learn more.


  • Enhancement: product comparison and export tabs \ March

    Brokers can see the annual premium differences as dollars and percentages on the product comparison tab and export.

    Brokers will see rates on the export truncated from thousandths ($50.010) to hundredths ($50.10) for stop loss, dental and vision. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: no prior coverage | February
    When adding coverage for the following, brokers can use our new form and skip ThreeFlow’s review to send the go-to-market workflow directly to your carrier partners. Learn more.

    • Basic dependent life

    • Accident

    • Critical illness

  • Enhancement: renewals project editor | February

    Brokers can better self-serve by using the project editor for renewal projects. Brokers can add documents, edit due dates, and manage contacts. Learn more.

  • Feature: coverage history | January

    Brokers can access and download details for coverages set up and replaced by current coverages on ThreeFlow. Learn more.

  • Enhancement: customize email updates | January

    Brokers can customize which broker team members should get email updates about a specific renewal. Learn more.

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